About Us

The Lifenfashion is simply all about beauty and healthy, full of pleasure living. It is a friendly blog created for all those people who have a passion for beauty, fashion, health and fitness.

About Life n Fashion

The Lifenfashion gives you information and updates about all the factors related to enhancing your beauty and health and overall experience of life. This includes getting reviews about cosmetics and beauty products as well as updates on fashion, trends, accessories, etc. it also provides hints for better health, beauty recipes, tricks for eco beauty lifestyles, natural information about health, as well as researches, treatments, recommendations and more.

The main goal of Lifenfashion is focusing on our natural beauty and make the best out of it. It offers simple tricks and guidelines on how you can rediscover your radiant skin and start showing it to everyone. Lifenfashion also offers personal advices, tips that can be applied practically and articles that encourage a person to live the healthy life he deserves! It is mostly about applying simple products that are free from chemicals, parables and fillers. These natural products are used in makeup and skincare, which is also good, both for the health and environment.

This blog follows quite a different ideology, unlike other blogs which are quite complex with their trend and style based focus on different unoriginal beauty magazines, websites, etc. This blog supports the marketing and manual of completely environment friendly products that range from food shops to expensive cosmetics and skincare. It also focuses on news, updates, reviews instructions and trend spotting as well.

The blog is not just unique with its products and methods offered, it’s also because of the entertaining and friendly tone, making its content all the more interesting and easy for the readers. It also motivates its readers instead of scaring them. Lifenfashion looks forward to make positive changes in the lives of all its readers.

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If you have read our blog, and have any sort of comments, questions or simple requests, feel free to mail us. Similarly we always welcome writers who have a certain passion for health, beauty or skincare, so if you think you deserve to be among us, let us know. We encourage all our readers the best we can, to support us through their suggestions and writing. Sharing your passion and contribution with the world is our priority!