African Hair Braiding Styles 2013 For Women

Posted on Dec 6 2013 - 10:22am by Hira Iqbal

Do you like to have African hair braiding styles? Do you want to try out some new haircuts? Well, if yes then here we are with latest and most up to date African hair braiding styles! In this post, we will be telling you and throwing some light on the modern African haircuts 2013, you can make a check out of these haircuts from here! For your detailed check out, we are also sharing the pictures of this haircut so that all of you may get a clear idea that what kind of haircut is this!

African Hair Braiding Styles 2013 For Women

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If you want to have an instant stylish look and wonderful appeal then these African hair braiding styles have been highly recommended and suggested. It has been viewed that and most of the hair experts are of this notion that these sorts of hair braiding styles need little maintenance and they can be managed in an easy way and manner. We have seen that this kind of haircut has surpassed race. The most difficult part of African hair braiding is to keep the tension on the strands as evenly balanced.

Types of African Hair Braiding Styles:

• Goddess Braids

• Micro Braids

• Pixie Braids

• French Inverted Braids

• Pixi Pin Curls

• Candy Curls

• Bantu Knots

• Fishtail Braids

• Flat Twist

• Locks and Undetectable braid

• Cornrow Extensions

• Invisible Braids

• Tree braids

• Senegalese Twist

• Silky Locks

• Interlock Weaving

• Latch Hook Weaving

• Silky Corkscrew

• African Twist

• Kinky Twist

• Two-Strand Twist

• Nubian Corkscrew

• Cobra Stitch

If we talk about the history then during the Black Pride Movement, many African American beauty shops and salons created across the United States. These shops offered services to African Americans who like to have natural hairstyles. Most of these salons specialize in hair wrapping and braiding techniques. Cornrow is one of the famous African braiding styles. It has been styled up in such a way that requires tightly braided hair and they should be very close to the scalp. By using an underhand and upward motion, you have to produce a continuous row. You can have this haircut in straight lines, complicated geometric and in curvilinear designs.

On the whole, these are some of the African hair braiding styles, you should try them at your home place and then let us know that which African hair braided cut you have liked the most! On regular and timely basis, we will keep you posted if we come across some more African hair styles! Keep on clicking on this webpage and get to know more hairstyles.