Best Makeup Tips For Getting Natural Look

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 4:24pm by Hira Iqbal

Every girl dreams about getting a natural look from make up. Most of the girls often overdone it in an attempt of getting natural look. This overly done make up sometimes makes you less appealing than making you attractive. So to solve this problem, in this article, I shall give you some of the useful tips for getting natural look with make up. It is better to know that you can achieve that natural look, that you often dream about, with any style of doing make up. Be it Emo make up or the naughty look, you can get what you are looking for.

Best Makeup Tips For Getting Natural Look


Make up is a routine element of every woman or girl’s life. You can hardly imagine a lady going out of her house without make up. Every woman desires to look her best all the time. She likes to be admired for her beauty and attraction. When you think you are beautiful, you feel confident. So, make up is the thing that enables you to highlight your facial features and makes you confident. The best way to beautify yourself is doing natural make up. Though it seems deceiving, but to me, it is the best way of wearing a make up for everyone has a right to look beautiful.Your make up describes your personality so surely, other women will also appreciate your sense of make up and style.

To get a natural look, first of all, begin with a trivial base that cajole your skin. Do not go too hard on the eye liner. Instead apply a little to simply highlight and define your eyes. Use a light shade of lipstick such as light red or pink, just to give them a natural glow. Eye shadow is not necessary for natural look. It is better to pick the light shades during day time. However, you can go with dark shades if you like, and try out different color schemes at night.

But what if you have to go for a party while looking natural yet fashionable? Here is a simple solution to that also. Begin with liquid inorganic foundation. Apply eyeliner on both, upper on lower eyelids. Use mascara to give your lashes a shiny appearance. Put some mild blush on to give your cheeks a glowing shade. Chose a lustrous lipstick that suits your skin tone naturally and you are all set for the party.