Best Small Tattoos Designs For Women 2014

Posted on Sep 14 2014 - 1:00am by Asma Writer

Tattoos are usually known for its uniqueness and fine art work that is using to make body part appealing for others. When we talk about the tattoos designs for women then we find numerous stunning designs of tattoos in feminine tattoos. There are various options in women tattoos designs that are aligned to make their appearance out to be smart and stunning. Small tattoos designs are much popular and favorite among women because they look more feminine and ladylike. Women can easily hide their blemish and marks with these small size tattoos designs. Here in this post i have shared some of the best small tattoos designs for women 2014 below. These tattoos designs are small in size but give you an appealing looks.

Best Small Tattoos Designs For Women 2014

Best Small Tattoos Designs For Women 2014 15

1. Anchors:

Anchors is also an another most demanding and popular tattoos designs among women. Anchor tattoos are the symbol of forte, constancy, safety, security, optimism and determination. This tattoo design is more appealing and feminine for women. It is supposed to be one of the numerous easily sign of cross and can be carving on different body part. You can use black ink to apply them but also make a colorful anchor tattoo design on your body to look more elegant.

2. Bows and Heart:

Bows and hearts are also one of the most demanding and liking tattoos designs for women. These are the smallest tattoos designs in all. The bow tattoos are using as an ornament while the heart tattoos are the sign of love, passion, trust and faith. Heart tattoos are carving on different body part to express the love for someone special. These both tattoos designs for women 2014 are attractive and pure feminine.

3. Crowns:

Crowns are the sign of sovereignty, power and rule. Crown tattoos are carving by girls who are the princess of their daddy. Crowns tattoos designs are much popular among young girls. This tattoo can be carved with heart tattoos to look more charming and appealing. This tattoo design can be carving on any part of body.

4. Music Notes:

An another feminine and appealing small tattoos designs for women 2014 is music notes. It is a quite attractive and creative tattoos designs for women. Women who love to play with music are carving these tattoos designs on their body part to express their love with music, melody and symphony.

So, these all best small tattoos designs for women 2014 are popular and demanding now a days. What is the sign of your tattoo design?