Best Tips To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 10:50am by Asma Writer

Here in this post you will some best tips to apply smokey eye makeup below. As we know that the smokey eye makeup has being applying since few years back. Smokey eye makeup is now a days hottest trend of fashion among women. Did you ever try smokey eye makeup? If yes, then you know that the smokey eye makeup always give a stunning and trendy look. In parties, prom nights, wedding functions and any kind of celebration, the trend of smokey eye makeup is so high and demanding.

Best Tips To apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Best Tips To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup 1

If you going to apply smokey eye map then must follow these tips to get a perfect and trendy look.

1. First of all choose a right shades for smokey eye makeup. You can make a choice of beige and brown eye shadow colros. But in the summer season, avoid dark shades such as green and dark blue.

2. Avoid to use liquid eye liner in smokey eye makeup. Always use gel pencil to prevent your makeup from melting in hot atmosphere. Gel eye pencil will going to smudge better with other shades.

3. Before apply smokey eye makeup alwyas apply a thin layer of foundation on your eye lid. Avoid heavy foundation because heavy foundation will going melt soon and gives a mess look to face.

4. You can get a classy look by using of wet eye brush when applying smokey makeup.

5. You can be using the mixed combination of the toned shades for smokey eyes.

These above tips to apply smokey eye makeup will definitely give you a beautiful and trendy smokey eye makeup look in minutes.