Best Ways To Store And Protect Your Makeup

Posted on Nov 5 2014 - 3:47pm by Hira Iqbal

Do you want to protect your makeup? Do you really think that your makeup products have bacteria inside it? Well in the below post we will going to explain some of simple and best tips to keep the makeup protective. Get ready to follow them all:

Best Ways To Store And Protect Your Makeup


Simple Tips To Store and Protect Your Makeup:

  1. Don’t keep facial scrubs and cleansers in the shower. This is mainly because of the fact that they tend to take in water and moisture, which can leave them diluted, filled with bacteria and may even cultivate mould. You can store them either in your bathroom cupboard, or in a cool, dry place in your bedroom or a different room.
  2. In addition don’t keep creams in the bathroom. The humid environment is the perfect bacteria breeding ground. Hence you should keep them on or in your dressing table, away from direct.
  3. Always replace the lid tightly on all your cosmetics after use.
  4. You should clean up the makeup brushes on weekly basis.
  5. You should keep the fragrances in dry and cool places. They go off indirect sunlight and hot environments.
  6. Nail polish and skin care creams are fine to keep in the fridge, particularly eye creams, which are wonderfully soothing when applied cold.
  7. In addition you should always wash your hands well before beginning your skin care routine. They come into contact with so much bacteria throughout the day, and you don’t want to transfer that to your face.

So these have been some of the easy to follow and simple tips to protect makeup! Follow the tips carefully!