Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Tie The Knot

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 2:53pm by Hira Iqbal

The most beautiful and widely celebrated Hollywood actress, Angelina Julie finally came under the bondage of marriage with her beloved and the most handsome Hollywood actor, Bret Pet. She was born on June 4, 1975. She started her carrier as a child with her father, John Voight, the movie, in looking to get out in 1982. However, as a young girl she appeared in her first movie hackers in 1995. In the course of her career she is a recipient of many awards and is well known to the world for the humanitarian cause. Julie promotes humanitarian causes, and is famous for her work with refugees as a special envoy and former goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation High Commissioner for the Refuges (UNHCR).

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Tie The Knot

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Tie The Knot 004

Bret pet and Angelina Julie met with each other in their first film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004. Since then they had been living for each other and decided to marry. It has been almost a decade to their relation. Many people spread ifs and buts pertaining to their relation which proved meaningless by their truthfulness and loyalty when they married on Thursday in France during their weekend. It was the third marriage of Angelina Julie and second marriage of Bret pet.

Before Bret pet, she married with Hollywood actors Johnny lee miller and Billy bob Thornton. Unfortunately, both the times she was divorced. Similarly, Bred pet also divorced her first wife, Jennifer Aniston in 2005. Now the newly married couple of bred pet and Angelina Julie seem very happy after their marriage with six children. On the occasion of marriage both expressed their happiness and considered it as the most memorable event of their life which paved way for new life as husband and wife.