Damas Showcase New Jewellery Collection In Karachi

Posted on Aug 31 2014 - 10:31am by Hira Iqbal

This time Damas showcase new jewellery collection in Karachi that simply took away the heart beats of the women. Taking away the heart beats would be the wrong statement as it simply stopped the heart beats of the women. Well we all know that Damas is known as being one of the top leading and hence one of the famous jewellery houses all over the world. This brand house is not just famous in Pakistan but has even earned with the heights of reputable place in the international jewellery market as well. Damas has been each single time coming ahead with their classy and magnificent looking collections of jewellery whose designing is simply breath-taking. Their collections of jewellery are mainly set for the party wear and wedding functions.

Damas Showcase New Jewellery Collection In Karachi

Damas Showcase New Jewellery Collection In Karachi 0012

Now we will going to talk about the Damas showcasing jewellery collection in Karachi that was a bring surprise for the Karachi people. Damas opened the doors of their jewellery house at the place of Marquee hall PC Karachi, on 22nd August 2014. In this opening show many well known and famous faces from the entertainment world were captured that make the whole night to be star-studded. Some of the models even highlighted themselves by wearing classy jewellery pieces by Damas. Some of the popular faces that were caught in the cameras were, Ahsan Khan, Amina Sheikh, Fariha Altaf, Ayesha Sana and so many other people linked with the Damas. Ayesha Sana was wearing red color dress with the golden color long necklace in which she was looking so stunning. All the jewellery items were found to be adorned with the beautiful use of stones, pearls, silver and white gold that was ending the jewellery item so gorgeous looking!

Amina Sheikh and Ahsan Khan walked as the main showstoppers for that night happening. Amina Sheikh was wearing white color long gown with the magnificent jewellery pieces of necklace, earrings and rings. She was looking like the princesses. On other side Ahsan Khan was wearing black color sherwani with the long neckline piece around his neck.

Now in the end of the post we will going to share some of the amazing looking images from Damas opening new jewellery collection in Karachi! Let’s have a look!