Easy breezy cotton sarees for the confident woman

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 9:13pm by Muhammad Umer

We all love flowing silk and chiffon sarees but cotton will always be the fabric of choice for daily wear. Thousands of Indian women wear sarees to work or even around the house, for them comfort would be a priority as they spend long hours in the saree. Cotton is an ideal choice as you don’t have to keep adjusting it and you can carry on with your daily tasks without any form of discomfort. You can leave your stylish silk sarees for special occasions and events.

cotton saree White Cotton Saree

Wearing cotton also has its health benefits. Especially in summer where it is difficult to cope with the heat, you can benefit a lot by wearing the right fabric. Cotton absorbs sweat from the body which means you won’t have sweat dripping till your toes. Plus it protects you from the suns direct contact with your skin as most of the heat is spent up in drying out the sweat from your clothes. Being light and comfortable, it allows heat to easily escape thereby saving you from overheating.

Natural is always better and that’s why this natural fibre is very kind to your skin. It causes no skin irritations which could occur in synthetic fibres. Most other fibres can aggravate skin and cause rashes and even fungi build up. People with sensitive skin prefer wearing cotton fabric to avoid any skin problems. There is a reason why infants are often dressed in cotton and that is because it is the most trusted fabric of all. Cotton is the most highly used fabric not only in India but around the world. It is the soft caress of cotton that has won the hearts of many.


Yet another benefit of wearing cotton sarees is that it is very affordable compared to other sarees. As cotton is easily available to manufacturers they lower down the cost of the overall fabric. The cost is yet another reason to make cotton a fabric of choice for daily wear. Wearing cotton however doesn’t mean you are putting comfort before fashion. There are all types of cotton fabric available these days. You will be amazed by how premium beautifully woven cotton sarees can look. They come in all prints and designs. Some even have embroidery done on them. A woman looks distinguished in a cotton saree. She demands respect which is probably why you might have seen women in the teaching profession often wearing cotton sarees.


If you want to purchase a cotton saree, it shouldn’t be very difficult as they are available almost everywhere. But while most saree stores have very traditional pieces, cotton sarees online shopping proves to be an interesting experience.


There are online stores like Zohraa.com which have an interesting variety of colourful cotton sarees. They even have a collection of cotton sarees inspired by famous Bollywood celebrities. The best part is the affordability of these lovely designer sarees. You simply can’t go wrong with it. Log on to shop now!