Easy Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial

Posted on Jul 27 2014 - 9:13am by Asma Writer

Did you ever try nude lip makeup? If not and want to get a look of nude lip then here are these simple and easy steps through which you can get a look of nude lips. Nude lip makeup is the hottest trend now a days. Women especially young girls are really liking the nude makeup and want to make their appearance fully stunning with this look. With the passage of time, nude lip makeup is getting so much popularity and hall of fame amongst women. There are so many ways to get a nude lip look but here is one of the easy nude lip makeup tutorial for you. Let’s see below.

Easy Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial

Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial 1

Things That You Will Need:

  1. Concealer
  2. Pink Lip Liner
  3. Compact
  4. Foundation
  5. Nude Brown Lip Gloss
  6. Nude Pink Lipstick

Steps Of Nude Lip Makeup:

1. Apply a suitable foundation on your lips with the help of compact. Make sure, foundation is matchable with your skin tone.

2. Apply the lip colro balm over the foundation to moisturize your lips before applying lip makeup.

3. Start from the highest peak of cupid’s bow, apply a pink lip liner. draw a neat thin line to the perimeter of your lips.

4. Take a highlighting concealer and apply it over the lips. Blend a concealer with the hep of sponge or your fingers to get a finish look.

5. Apply a thin layer of concealer and set it with compact to prevent fading.

6. Apply the nude pink lipstick with a brush over the lips. Apply two coats of lipsticks in a way that apply single thin coat and blot it with tissue and then second coat.

7. In the last, apply a nude brown lip gloss for getting a plump soft look. Clean the outline with concealer to get a natural finish.

Through these easy steps you will easily apply nude lip makeup now. It only requires a more attention to get a perfect and beautiful look.