Fabulous And Stylish Party Hairstyles Ideas

Posted on Mar 3 2014 - 2:56pm by Hira Iqbal

Going to a party but confused about the hairstyle huh? Well you always get the widest range of hairstyles when it comes to parties as these are the junctures when you bring out the artist in you and try to be creative with your hair. Party hairstyles can be carried on a number of occasions; dinners, dates, prom nights, hangouts etc. Here I have put together two simple to style and carry hairstyles for you that will not only complement your outlook but will surely make your evening great!

Fabulous And Stylish Party Hairstyles Ideas


The updo hairstyle is so attractive and elegant that you can simply pick it without giving a second thought. But the key thing here is that you keep your updo loose to give the usual party touch. The hairstyle is easy to create and here how it’s done. Separate your hair into two even sections and create a centre part. Take one side and make two fringes of it. Then twist them around in the form of a ponytail. Then grab the other side and again make the ponytail. Now when you have two ponytails, twist them around in such a way that both of them fuse with each other and a single long ponytail is made. Just like styling a bun, wrap your ponytail and form a bun while keeping it low. Pin your hair with hair pins and here is your Chignon hairstyle. You can add hair spray for texture and if you want to make your hair fluffier, you can simply run your fingers through the twirled sections.


If you have that rocking, bold attitude then this hairstyle is for you. Forget all the careful structure and pinned quiffs, the hairstyle is all about adding height to your hair with a little soft wave. Any hairstyle with short hair often takes less time to create. To create Roackabilly Quiff, simply add some serum to get the right texture of your hair and roll back your hair from top with the help of tongs. Weave your fingers through the curls to soften them and add the wavy touch to them. The style is all about looking messy so don’t aim for perfection.

Have a look at some of the pictures of fabulous and stylish party hairstyles here. Try to be creative and bold with your here and enjoy the party!