Heart Face Shape Hairstyles For Women

Posted on Mar 6 2014 - 1:51pm by Hira Iqbal

Mostly we are seeing women having round , square and oval shaped faces which are mostly common. But the women with heart shape face always get a compliment from others. The women who have heart shape face have opportunity to give them a beautiful and pretty look. Here are so many ways to achieve a beautiful look to heart shape face but in this post we are here going to share some heart face shape hairstyles for women. These all hairstyles will give you a pretty and lovely look definitely. Let’s check out below:

Heart Face Shape Hairstyles For Women


There are some beautiful heart shape face hairstyles for women below. These hairstyles will give you definitely a pretty and appealing look.

1. Face Framing Bob

A bob hairstyles is most favorite hairstyle among women. This hairstyle has being a part of fashion since centuries. This is a best option for heart shape face to look stunning.

How to Style:

1. Simply apply stylish product to wet hair.

2. Afterward, by using blow dry with a large round brush you can give a style to your hairs.

3. At last, applying serum for texture and fix them.

2. Sculpting Waves

This kind of hairstyle is perfect for those heart shaped faces who have long and lengthy hairs.

How To Style:

1. Firstly, apply any styling product to wet hair.

2. Secondly, by using of blow dry with a large round brush you can style your hairs.

3. Afterward, wrap sections of hair around a large barrel iron, vertically and set it with flexible hold finishing spray.

3. Shoulder – Length Flip

This hairstyle is also give awesome look as causally and formally both. This is a most simple hairstyle for heart faced shape with shoulder length.

How To Style:

1. Applying a stylish product to wet hair.

2. You can give a beautiful look to your hairs by using blow dry with a large round brush.

3. Set the style with flexible hold hairspray.