How To Improve Posture And Balance Easily

Posted on Oct 18 2014 - 2:46pm by Hira Iqbal

Posture and balance are the two important part of our body that always maintain with each other. The both play a significant role in our well being and particularly when it comes to a healthy age. Posture and balance always convey very crucial information about any person and also reveal more about the person’s personality. Here in this post you will find best tips to improve posture and balance below.

How To Improve Posture and Balance Easily

How To Improve Posture And Balance Easily

  1. Tip # 1:

It s very important to strengthen core and lower back muscles of body. The wrapping of muscles around your middle supports our spine and also allow us to stand up straight and maintain better balance. Exercise also help in strengthen our lower back. We can do exercise by lying on stomach on a mat with extended arms. Then inhale and lift legs and arms off the mat a the same time and hold it about three to four seconds and then release. Repeat the procedure for 15 times.

Tip # 2:

Always take regular breaks when it required to maintain a same position over along time period. Whenever you sit or stand for a long time then spine always compresses naturally and resulting in a hunched posture that can cause of pain.

Tip # 3:

It will be helpful fr you if you take a regular yoga classes. Yoga classes will help you work on in a balance way. Yoga poses focus on maintaining proper balance through slow breathing with supported spine and focus.

Tip # 4:

Always avoid slouch while walking. start trying to walk as if you have a heavy object balancing on your head and then it will come naturally.

Tip # 5:

Always test your posture and balance when possible in a day. Simply when standing in aline at the grocery store try standing on one leg while your shift your basket from left or right. This example is very helpful for improving posture.

Tip # 6:

You can also improve your posture by adjusting your desk and surroundings. Simple take a clean desk and adjust you chair so when seated with hands on your keyboard or table, both elbows and your knees are bent to a 90 degree angle. It will be a easy to sit with a straight back while looking at the screen.

Tip # 7:

also focus on your calves. If you let your posture on your calves then you will feel an at ease attitude and also put a bounce in your step.

Tip # 8:

The best tip that will benefit to keep your head straight, ears and shoulders aligned. This will also improve your self-esteemed and attitude. Walk with your head up and appear more confident.

It is very important to follow these simple tips to improve posture and balance easily. These tips will help you very much to be feel comfortable about yourself and confident about your personality.