Latest Eid Nail Art Designs 2014 For Women

Posted on Jul 22 2014 - 6:32pm by Hira Iqbal

Inside the fashion market there are many latest and fresh trends that are coming ahead in view with the Eid nail art designs 2014. Eid 2014 is just few couple of days away so all the women are seem like on the mission to find some of the stylish looking nail art designs that can make them look different in the crowd. Mentioning about the nail art designs, this is taken as one of the best ways through which the women can make their nails stunning and beautiful looking for others. For all the seasons and occassions there are countless designs of nail art that simply grabs the attention of the women. Some of the nail art designs are coming into look as intricate in designing and some are simple and easy to apply on.

Latest Eid Nail Art Designs 2014 For Women


Popularity and Latest Eid Nail Art Designs 2014 for Women:

                            Following are some of the latest trends of the Eid nail art designs 2014 that are getting so famous and popular within marketplace:

  1. In some of the nail art designs linear designs have been used up that are quite a lot coming as easy in application. It is your choice that whether you want the linear designs to be thin or thick. If you find the thin designing complicated then you can make the choice of making the use of stencils and toothpicks as well.
  2. Further in some of the nail art designs you will going to find the motifs designs as well that looks simply amazing. In this design you have to set all the nails with one base color. Afterwards you can add the rest of the nails with the motifs or dotted designs as well. For making it look classy don’t forget to fill the dotted designs with the various multi color shades.
  3. Additionally you can even make the use of some accessories as well such as glittering beads and stones that can make the nail art designs so dazzling and sparkling looking.

You can get to know more about the fresh and latest trends of the nail art designs 2014 for Eid by visiting the fashion websites as well. In this way by looking at the images you will going to learn the exact way of applying the nail art designs in perfect way.

So this was all about the latest Eid nail art designs 2014 for women! Now start searching the best nail art designs 2014 right now and make this Eid 2014 special and memorable ones.