Latest Short Bob Hairstyles 2014 For Women

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 4:01pm by Hira Iqbal

Looking for a new hairstyle for your short hair? Short hairstyles which are often regarded as simple and easy to handle, offer a wide range of variety for you to opt from. Be it ramp or the red carpet, the short hairstyles are the trend of the day with some of the most popular and classy short hairstyles becoming the talk of the town. One such short hairstyle is the all-time famous “the bob hairstyle”. Now the hairstyle has been divided into a number of sub-categories, each defining a particular taste and personality. So let’s check out what we’ve got relating short bob hairstyles for women in 2014.

Latest Short Bob Hairstyles 2014 For Women

Most Popular Shaped Bob Hairstyles 2014 007

The inverted bob hairstyle has been very appealing to women for quite a while now. Due its hot and tough look, the inverted bob hairstyle continues to be a rage amongst all women, thanks to massively followed celebs like Victoria Beckham from the “Spice Girls”. Yet the inverted bob hairstyle is one of the few that reminds of the great old hairstyles. So if you’re the one with that sassy and wild attitude like Posh Spice, this short bob hairstyle is for you!

Wanna look like a diva? There is this trendy hairstyle what we call as the layered bob hairstyle, elegant in looks and high in class. Straight from the ramp, the hairstyle is trademark of glamor and beauty. So if you are looking for a make-over, this is the one hairstyle that will definitely make you look like a diva. Plus you can add bangs to this hairstyle to enhance your look.

Most Popular Shaped Bob Hairstyles 2014 002

Choppy hairstyles are prevailing in the fashion industry this year. If you have long or medium hair, again the choppy hairstyles are one of the best options for you. And it is something that you can do yourself without spending money in expensive salons and this is how! Firstly, center part your hair and then reduce them into variable layers (choppy layers) by taking small sections of hair from both halves. Choppy looks work best with side sweeping bangs; to make such a bang take the front section of your hair above the forehead and comb it, then hold this section with your fingers and making a straight cut, pull it towards the opposite ear and there you go!

Have a look at some short bob hairstyles on our webpage. You can also see various others in the latest fashion magazines. Enjoy!