Latest And Stylish Straight Hairstyles 2014 For Women

Posted on Feb 27 2014 - 5:54pm by Hira Iqbal

Red carpet, ramp, and fashion shows are the leading trend setters and when you talk about the hairstyle trends of women, there is a lot for you to pick from. Whenever you think of picking a new hairstyle, the first thing you need to consider is your face shape. There are styles that compliment you while others can even spoil your entire outlook. A simple way of getting to know your next hairstyle is that, you cut out photos of 3-4 different hairstyles with different colors you like. Show them to your friends and ask them if any of them will suit you. In this way you will have a number of options and you can easily adopt any hairstyle that you and your friends will surely like.

Latest And Stylish Straight Hairstyles 2014 For Women

simply straight haircut

Now the next step includes practical work. Adopting a new look must not be taken lightly for most of the times, the procedure will go heavy on your pocket depending upon the brand of the salon, cutting that your hair requires, hair color and a few other features. After getting done with money, you are all set to ask your hair stylist for the one particular hairstyle you are looking for. Now here in this article, we are talking about straight hairstyles. Curly and wavy hairstyles are very much common these days, so if you are looking for a change, you have surely made a right choice by getting along with straight hair.

You can ask your hairstylist to cut your hair to any length you like. Straight hairstyles go with all hair lengths, be it long, short, or medium depending upon your face shape. Short fine hairstyles that go up to chin are suitable for long faces while medium or long straight hair are ideal for women with round faces. Then there are different ideas that your stylist can add to your straight hair. For instance you can add bangs or leave a fringe that partly covers your face or you can also go for side sweep. Then it’s up to you whether you want your hair to be cut in layers or not. Long straight hairstyles look fabulous when shine is added to them. But if you think shiny hair is a bit overdone then you may opt for adding fluff to your straight hair by blow drying them.