Latest Trends Of Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 5:28pm by Hira Iqbal

Hairstyle is always playing a vital role in enhancing the personality of anyone. It is most important part of body for men and women both. But when we talk about hairstyles for women then we realize that women are always trying to adopt different hairstyles through which they can look extra gorgeous and beautiful. There are so many hairstyles for curly hairs and straight hairs both but here in this post i am going to tell you the latest hairstyles for straight hair below.

Latest Trends Of Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Latest Trends Of Hairstyles For Straight Hair0011

Hairstyle is one of the most important aspect of our whole appearance. There are so many hairstyles for straight hair but it is very important to select hairstyle according to the face shape. Face shape is taken so many importance while selecting any hairstyle. So, if you are going to adopt a new hairstyle for straight hair then must read out the article below.

  1. Square Face:

If your hair is cut into uneven trimming then the jaw lines of your square face appears specific. For square face shape, the short spikes hairstyle in addition to long styles must make your personality awesome and appealing.

  1. Long Face:

If you have along face then the haircut you choose must be such hairstyle that it doesn’t make your long face appear extra long but it would be flatter by making it appear wide. Bob cuts are the best choice of long face shape that reach up to chin or side swept bangs also looks great on this type of face shape.

  1. Round Face:

If you have round face shape then you don’t need to leave much hair around your face. Layers with delicate ends and narrowing can also help in lessening the roundness of shape. Bangs are the best choice for you to make your face appear thinner and long. This is the best way to choose hairstyles for straight hair having round face.

  1. Heart-Shaped Face:

Chin is one of the most important part of heart-shaped face. If you have heart-shaped face then the hair cut that draw attention towards the cheekbones and eyes is perfect for you. If you are choosing short haircut then it must cascade below the jawline and if the hairstyle is long then it can fall anywhere around the cheekbones and chin.

  1. Oval Face:

In the oval face shape, you just would not need to brainstorm as whatever that he does on the sport of hair flattering as well as appear flawless.

Well, the hairstyle is very important to make our personality appealing and impressive. So, is your hairstyle for straight hair according to face shape?