Mehndi Designs 2013 For Kids

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 11:53am by Hira Iqbal

Some of the people have a notion that Mehndi designs are just meant for the women and young girls. But now this trend has been complete transformed as now the Mehndi designs are even meant for the kids as well. So far in almost all the wedding functions and religious ceremonies there would be no such women that would be grabbed without the appearance of Mehndi designs over her hands and feet and now this craze is even taking place in the kids on huge level. There are many kids that are founded to get fascinated with the Mehndi designs. For that sake in this article we will going to have some sort of special discussion all related with the brand new latest Mehndi designs 2013 for kids.

Mehndi Designs 2013 For Kids

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v  Arabic Mehndi designs

v  Indian Mehndi designs

v  Pakistani Mehndi designs

v  Amelia Mehndi designs

Each one of these above mentioned Mehndi designs have their own qualities and each one of them are getting popular at their own heights. For the easiness of the readers in this article we will going to share some pictures of beautiful Mehndi designs 2013 for kids. In the pictures the readers and so as the kids can have a look that all the designs are simple and easy in applications as no such extra complicated designs have been elaborated in the Mehndi designs. Especially for the beginners all of these Mehndi designs will going to come across as quite easiest and effortless ones. They can be best chosen out for the formal functions and religious or wedding happenings as well. Mehndi just give away the feel of happiness and pleasure that eventually bring smiles on each and every single face.


1.      Floral

2.      Abstract designs

3.      Peacock designs

4.      Pattern designs

5.      Linear designs

6.      Traditional designs

7.      Royal designs

In most of the western countries we have noticed that Mehndi designs are even taken out as the tattoo designs in the kids. Kids make the choice of heena tattoo designs on their body parts for making them look out complete different in the crowd. They are saving in application and friendly as well. There are many different fashion based websites as well all through which the kids can get closer with many diverse styles of Mehndi designs that are set for hands and feet.

We are sure that all the way through this article all the kids must have learnt a lot about the latest striking Mehndi designs 2013 for kids. Don’t miss out selecting out your favorite design for the wedding functions or even for the religious happenings as well. You will just love it…..

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