Privacy Policy


This privacy policy constitutes the process of information collected and how it is used with all the basic details. In this privacy policy “us”, “we” and “our” are used to represent “” and its related corporate organizations.

The policy is subject to change any time, which may include reviewing it or updating it. The change in policy sometimes also includes revised laws and technological changes. In case personal information is held, itis also subject to be governed with recent update.

This policy consists of following points:

  • What sort of information we collect;
  • How we collect it;
  • Why we collect it;
  • How we use it;
  • How we disclose it;
  • How to seek access to and update your personal information

What sort of information we collect.

The information collected consists of personal as well as non-personal details. Personal information includes your names, phone numbers and addresses; sometimes it accesses other details also. Non-personal information normally includes your activities on our websites, like cookies, IP addresses and information collected via surveys. The usage of this information includes statistical reports, trend analysis, services administration, problem diagnosis and the improvisation of products and services. When there is no personal information collected, we have the authority to use this information as needed under the National Privacy Principles.

How we collect it

There are multiple sources to collect personal information, for instance when a user sends a request to get a product or service on our website, there is a registration process to follow, an online form where you enter your details, sometimes your information is collected via surveys and questionnaires, some customers use e-mail and telephones to contact us thus you have to provide personal details to pursue, there are also several competitions and events launched time by time by which personal details are also collected, the authentication of source of information is always maintained, those information’s that have no sources are not kept, there are also some cases where people call customer service but they represent others and provide information of some other person’s, it is always made sure that they provide information with the consent of the person whose information is used.

Why we collect it

The information collected has a purpose and that is to use your information to be in contact with you, there are several offers and features that are offered to members only, so the information that we collect is used to inform you with our products and services and special features. The product you order is delivered using this information. The purpose for which we collect information is also provided.

How we use it

Above we have explained our primary purpose, now we are going to tell you some other purposes of your information.

  • We keep you updated with news and information about what we provide and offer.
  • We regularly send you our recent promotions and services as per your interest.
  • We use this information to customize and personalize your experiences.
  • We maintain a healthy relationship with our customers and subscribers, so the information we collect is used to communicate through e-mail or telephone. This information is also used to verify your identity.
  • We keep information to investigate complaints by our customers, if any user has violated terms and conditions and Privacy Act or if you are engaged in unlawful activities, then the information will be used to take action against the guilty.

How we disclose it

We have the right to disclose personal information with your consent and approval to other members of, we assure tom comply the policy to disclose your information, the information may also be used to provide to the third party with your consent.

Accessing and updating your information

You always have the access to your private information, you can also change and update it, there is a process to access your information, first you make a request then you verify your identity, then a fee is charged to access your information.

You have the right to ask the process of how your information is collected, used, managed and disclosed, for this you may contact the department that has your information, apart from this contact page is also an option to contact us.