Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 2014 For Women

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 6:42pm by Hira Iqbal

When we talk about some of the famous and well known nail art designs then we never miss out mentioning the rhinestones nail art designs. This nail art design is becoming quite a lot famous and well known in the women of all age groups. We all know that the basic purpose of the nail art designs is all linked with the beautification of the nails and hands. This is the main reason that women are all the time looking for incredible looking nail art designs for their nails.

Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 2014 For Women

Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 2014 For Summer Season 004

Below we will going to discuss in detail some of the amazing and yet classy looking styles of rhinestones nail art designs. Get hold over the best one from this list:

Different Types of Rhinestones Nail Art Designs:
1. On the very first we have diamond shape nail art designs! This is classy looking and simply gorgeous. In this nail art design you will be making the use of two styles at one time. Half of the nails will be all set with the silver glitter gradient. You have the free choice of making the use of different sizes of round rhinestones on top of each nail. You can even try up with the use of large diamond shaped glitter that can be blended alongside with the small silver beads as well.
2. On the second we have Gradient nail art designs! In this design you have the free choice of making the use of different colors of rhinestones. These stones will going to help out in giving the nails with the gradient effect. They will going to make your nails appealing looking for eyes.
3. Pink bow is even named as being one of the latest types of rhinestones nail art designs. This design will be all finished with the use of rhinestones that are added in various sizes.
4. Quilted nail art designs is another most popular nail art designs that are simply fun to apply. This nail art design can be applied over the nails with the use of striper nail art brush. You can even freely make the use of striping tape or scotch tape cut as well by the way of its thin pieces. You have two options either you can add up the nails with freehand designs or you can even add the flower shaped nail stickers.

Well each single rhinestone nail art designs have their own unique looking for the eyes. Now if you have loved out this nail art form creations then grab the best looking nail art design instantly!