Storage Ideas for Makeup from Beauty Gurus

Posted on Nov 12 2013 - 1:04pm by Muhammad Umer

If you haven’t organized your beauty collection yet, you should go through this article to know some of the best makeup storage tips that would help you in organizing your collection in a better way.

We have got some of the best storage suggestions for beauty products from beauty vloggers who have adopted it as their business to collect a large number of colorful and good looking plots, platters, and tubes. These videos on YouTube, come with many amazing and out-of-box ideas that help in organizing the chaos and some of these ideas are so brilliant that everyone should have adopt and implement them. Anything that you might think is of no use, and you should throw it away, can change the entire look of your collection. The only thing you need is inspiration and the combination of creativity and the hard work would result in some wonderful creations. Here are some tips that would help you:

1. Use a Nail Polish Holder:


Organize your nail paints in according to their colors in separate clear pockets. This would help you in finding out a specific color you are looking for easily. Miss Glamorazzi hanged her holder at the back of her door, and you can hang it anywhere you want.

2. Keep Most Used Stuff at a Prominent Place:


All the beauty products that you have to use daily should be kept somewhere from where you can get it easily. Beauty Babby44 keeps her daily used beauty fragments in a standing holder that she has kept on her easily accessible table.

3. Use of Clear Acrylic Drawers:


If you use some clear drawers to keep your cosmetics in, you can easily spot anything you want, because all the items are visible from the clear walls. Casey Holmes put all her stuff separately according to types. For instance, eyeliners are in a separate slot, and the lipsticks are in another.

4. Use Sectioned Trays:


If you use a sectioned tray in your drawer, you can easily organize little things that may give your drawer a messy look. Thatsheart use such tray to organize her makeup stuff so it does not roll over when she open or close the drawer.

5. Stand Lipsticks Upside Down:


If you stand your lipsticks upside down in a acrylic lipstick holder, you don’t have to check the shades by removing its lid every-time, instead you can have a look on the name and number of the lipstick and use it. Meghan Rosette have successfully tried and explained this tip.