Summer Nail Polish Shades For Skin Tone

Posted on Jun 1 2014 - 2:48pm by Hira Iqbal

There are many women who want to make the choice of the nail polish shades that matches along with their skin tone. For some of the women finding the nail polish color according to their skin tone is quite difficult. For taking hold over the best nail polish shades for the summer for your skin tone you should having detailed information that what kind of nail polish shades are meant best for your skin tone.

Summer Nail Polish Shades For Skin Tone

Summer Nail Polish Shades For Skin Tone

For removing away this confusion below is the list of various skin tones that would let women know that which type of color shades of nail polish are best for them:

1. Fair Skin Tone:

If you have fair skin tone then you can make the choice of Rose gold metallic shade that will going to make your nails eye catching. You can even choose up with the shade that is having chrome or metallic finish. Hot neon nail polish can be taken as best for the fair skin tone. The bright sky blue nail paint will be best for making the nails trendy looking.

2. Olive Skin Tone:

For the olive skin tone you can choose up with the coral color of nail polish. You can even grab up with the lighter color shades as well such as blue or coral. Coral color will give away the feel of beach and tropical paradise. It can be taken as best for both olive or yellow skin tone. Tangerine corals can be alternated out as best for the feet for making them boldest pop. If you are looking for some of the bold nail paint shade then the choice of electric lime and aquamarine will be the best one.

3. Deep Skin Tone:

For the deep skin tone the best nail polish color would be gold flecks, rich salmon, cobalt and banana yellow. Yellow nail shade will going to appear marvelous for the deep skin. Apart from it the choice of shocking effect of vibrant blue looks will going to come up as gorgeous looking on your feet. You can even choose up with the juicy pink and blood red color to brighten up the complexion.

4. Bronze Skin Tone:

If you have bronze skin tone then there could be nothing better than the sparkly pink shade. Hot orange, midnight bluish shade and copper shimmer will turn up your hands more gorgeous. The choice of Chili pepper red will be giving your nails some liveliness and refreshing look.
So if you want to make your nails brilliant and attention grabbing for others in summer then choose the best nail polish shade that matches along with your skin tone!