Top 10 Best Tips To Quit Smoking

Posted on Oct 19 2014 - 12:26pm by Hira Iqbal

Do you have the habit of smoking all the time? Well we all know that in 21st century all the people do believe that smoking is taken as the fashion trend and if any person is not smoking he surely belongs to the low society class. Not just the men but even women now love to smoke all the time at the parties and hanging out with friends that is surely the bad impact on the society. If you thinking that quitting smoking is one of the complicated and impossible tasks then you are 100% wrong! If you have the firm mind and strong mission then nothing is impossible in this world.

Moving to the main topic of the article let’s have a look at the magical and excellent 10 tips with the help of which you can learn that how you can quite smoking easily and without any hurdles:

Top 10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Best Tips To Quit Smoking

Tip No 1:

As you will going to decide to quit smoking then you should make sure one thing that your decision should be firm and strong. In simple we would say that you should make the strong decision mentally and physically. This will going to be the test of your will power. Just think that smoking is not necessary for you. It is much harmful for you and you are going to prevent your body from many deadly diseases.

Tip No 2:

You should keep an eye on your smoking routine. You should know that at what time you want the need of smoke badly. Some of the people love to smoke after each single meal and some of them do it when they wake up or before going to toilet. At the same time some of the people undertake it just in parties or in hang out with friends. You should identify when you smoke more often and then make a plan to manage the routine without smoking.

Tip No 3:

Thirdly you should be making the list of main reasons to quit smoking. You can even check this post so that you can enlist your reasons. By knowing the main reasons you can get to know better that at which points you smoke at the high level and how you can overcome with it easily and naturally.

Tip No 4:

You should take the clean start of your decision. You should throwaway your cigarettes, ashtrays and other stuff that is involve in smoking. Clean up your room, car every place where you smoke most often! A cigarette free environment will going to help you to give yourself the motivation to achieve your goal.

Tip No 5:

You should announce in middle of your family friends and mates that you are planning to quit smoking. You can share it on your social network as in this way the people will encourage you and boost you to manage your plan. In this way all your friends who smoke will going to avoid smoking in front of you.

Tip No 6:

You should quit coffee, Alcohol and other stuff which enhance the need of smoking. Besides alcohol you should drink water or fresh water that is much beneficial. You can even get in touch with the with nonsmoker friends. You should discuss with them about your decision and should adopt some healthy habits. This will going to help you a lot in moving ahead in mission.

Tip No 7:

In addition you can set some non smoking policy. You should not get in touch with the places and mates who are involved in smoking. You should spend maximum time in non-smoking zone. You should tell other people that you quitted smoking so don’t do it in front of you. This will going to help you a lot in following your mission in the best way.

Tip No 8:

If you have the habit of smoking heavily then it can surely be difficult for you to quite it easuly. You can join the quit smoking program nearest to you or you can use nicotine patches. Nicotine chew gum is also ken of the perfect idea to reduce smoking gradually. These chew gums are accessible in the market and will never going to drive the mind of the person into the way of smoking. You should try it once!

Tip No 9:

As you feel that you are getting closer to the success of your mission then you should celebrate it too. You can follow all the instructions and now you are a non-smoker. You can arrange a party with friends or plan a hangout. This will going to help you to feel more energetic and motivated. In this way if any one of your friend wants to quite smoking thenthis celebration will going to motivate them too. You can be the inspiration of so many people!

Tip No 10:

On the last don’t ever think about giving up! As you are done with the mission doesn’t start smoking after few months. You should always be keeping your mind alert with these magical tips that will going to help you by the end of the day to keep you all away from the smoking.

Well here we have all ended up with the magical ten tips that will going to help the person a lot in keeping them all away from the smoking forever. These tips are not just for the men only as women can follow them too. So stop thinking and make these ten tips to be the part of the lifestyle and stop smoking coming into your life! All the best!