Top 10 Popular Shoe Brands In 2014

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 3:48pm by Hira Iqbal

As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will be finding so many shoe brands that are working inside the market. Shoes are one of the most important accessories of fashion that make the person complete impressive looking. If you are not wearing perfect shoes with the matching outfit then you can never make yourself complimenting. There are so many shoe brands in the market that are working day and night to give away the best quality of the shoes. This is the main reason that there are few brands of shoe whose hard work and dedication has made them one of the best shoe brands in the market in 2014!

Top 10 Popular Shoe Brands In 2014:



It is basically private Canadian company. It is all found to be running a worldwide chain of accessory stores and shoe. This brand has been just aimed in offering with the high quality of he flats, heels, pumps, loafers and sneakers for women and sneakers, dress and casual lace-ups, dress and casual loafers, sandals and boots for men. They do have so many offline stores in the market. It each single appeared with something unique as they are serving the people in more than eighty countries world widely.



It is a for-profit company that is based in California. It was developed in 2006 by an entrepreneur from Texas, named Blake Mycoskie. This company not just manufactures the shoes but even sell them too. It is all based on the Argentine espadrille or alpargata design. The main company model is given with the lines the “one for one concept”. They make sure that they offer out with the best pair of shoes from the recycled material and vegan. They have the unique blue tag on the heel of each shoe. Their shoes are famous with adults, teens, and kids as providing comfort.



Nike is an American multinational company and it is one of the top class brands in the market. It has been all involved in offering with the shoes for the various high profile sports team and athletes in all over the world. They cater the shoes to the sports teams with the highly acknowledged trademarks of “Just Do It” and the Swoosh logo. Their shoes are usually designed in the light weight that is quite a lot affordable and comfortable too. Some of its newest shoes contain Lunarlite Foam and Flywire to reduce weight.

7.Jessica Simpson:


This brand has been all involved in offering with the wide variety of shoes for women from boots to pumps, sandals with wedges, flats to high heels. You can find the shoes that are perfect for all the occasions. They are defined to be sportive, exotic yet nice, fresh and fantastic. They are all adorned with the stunning patterns and appealing colors like lemon chill, coral, crimson red.

6.Nine West:


It is a fashion whole sale and retail company that is initially founded as a fashion footwear brand. Apart from the footwear this brand is even involved in catering with the categories like handbags, jewelry, accessories, and sunglasses. This brand is a world renowned fashion leader and is loved by men and women in all over the world. They offer with the high quality of the footwear designs all along with the exceptional customer services.

5.Steve Madden:


Steve Madden, Ltd is foot Wear Company that is named after its founder and CEO Steve Madden. Owner is one of the successful shoe designers in the United States of America. They are aimed in designing the unique style of the footwear designs. This brand is located in more than 55 countries and offers innovative and distinctive shoes. It is just famous because it is involved in catering with the high level of the shoes for both men and women. This brand offers loafers to boots and high heels for a casual or professional environment.



It is one of the leading international footwear brands and was launched in 2006 by Angel Cabada. This brand is renowned in support of its ground-breaking shapes, influential color stories, and unique combination of materials. It is even known out to be the superb shoe brand for skateboarders and its products sell well to together skateboarders and to celebrities.



Coach offers a wide variety of women’s designer handbags, jewelry, wallets and shoes. Offering the high quality of the shoes is the main aim of this brand. They do have the amazing shoe collection for women and men. The men’s shoes show style and comfort and are accessible in a variety of colors. The women’ shoes are included with the flats, sneakers, loafers, sandals and heels that looks complimenting to any wardrobe.



It is a major German multinational company that is all known as best in designing casual and athletic footwear, as well as sportswear. PUMA was founded in 1942 by two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. They design up the football shoes and has sponsored numerous footballers. In the United States this company is renowned for the suede basketball shoes.



On the last we have Vans! This is United States based company that is specialized in manufacturing shoes. It even produces other products like apparel, hoodies, t-shirts, hats and socks. Vans was founded in 16thof March, 1966 and its founders were Gordon C.This brand is known for its flexible tops and sticky soles that is quite a lot comfortable to ride a skateboard. They highlight the footwear in various patterns and styles to choose.

So this was the complete list of some of the top and well known shoe brands in 2014! We are sure that this post would have made you learnt a lot about the best shoe brands in the whole world. Which one is your favorite shoe brand?