Top 5 Remedies To Cure Dry And Rough Skin

Posted on Jan 28 2014 - 1:13pm by Asma Writer

In this post, we are here going to share with you top 5 remedies to cure dry and rough skin. As we know that, every season must effects on our skin. When our skin becomes dry it looks like rough and dull. We especially women are very possessive about their skin and do so many sorts to take care of their skin. They purchase so many expensive products, but results are always not effective. There are so many causes of rough and dry skin, in which some majors are environments, skin care health and some bad eating foods. Let’s see below to know top 5 remedies to cure dry and rough skin.

1. Moisturizer:

Moisturizing is one of the best for our whole body. We should have to moisturize our skin twice a day. When you go for bed at night, always use moisturizer, which will help you to get smooth and silky skin.

2. Exfoliating:Top 5 Remedies To Cure Dry And Rough Skin 1

Second home remedy is the exfoliating, which is very effective to cure dry and rough skin. You can wipe out the dead skin by exfoliating your skin at least once in a week.

3. Balanced Diet:

The third home remedy to cure dry and rough skin is that we should eat healthy and balanced diet. You should have to add some rainbow-colored fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily routine. You can also take some vitamin supplement daily to make your diet healthy.

4. Facial:

The main reason for dry and rough skin is dirt and dust. Our skin looks dull and rough cause of dust and dirt around us. For this purpose, we should have to get facial treatment at least once in a month. This will remove all dust from our skin and give a healthy and shiny skin as well.

5. Water:

Water is one of the main resource to get healthy and smooth skin. If you want to prevent your skin from dryness and roughness, then you should have to drink at least 8 glasses in a day.

These all top 5 remedies to cure dry and rough skin. These are not only a home remedies but also a need for your skin. We would get a healthy and smooth skin with freshness by following these home remedies.