Top Ten Largest Coffee Chains 2014

Posted on Oct 26 2014 - 5:12pm by Hira Iqbal

Here we will discuss top ten largest coffee chains 2014. In winter season, it’s the ultimate need of every person to drink coffee. In cold winter days, there is nothing better to drink hot cup of coffee. In this world, there are so many coffee houses are located. Basically, coffee house is considered to be the best place to hang out with friends. As we know that coffee is famous as the best source of providing instant energy. Moreover, coffee also keeps your body and mind refresh. Now the question is that which are the largest coffee chains in the world. Coffee is one such drink that can be drink in both seasonal happenings. Summer coffee is usually known as cold coffee. Coffee do have some of the health benefits too that keep the person energetic and free from the diseases.

Top Ten Largest Coffee Chains 2014

In this post, we will discuss top 10 largest coffee chains 2014. The important details of each coffee chain are given below.

  1. Tully Coffee


On number 10th, we have Tully Coffee as a largest coffee chain in the world. We would like to mention that Tully Coffee is also known s Washington based coffee house chain. Well, this coffee chain offer so many products like espresso drinks, baked products, pastries and many more other products. Moreover this largest and popular coffee chain was founded in the year of 1992. Are you ready to try this coffee chain?

  1. Peet Coffee And Tea


On number 9th, we have Peet Coffee and Tea. This popular and largest coffee chain was founded in the year of 1966. Initially, it was named as Peet Coffee, Tea And Spices by Alfred Peet. The first shop of this coffee chain was located in Berkley, Califronia. The most important specialty of this coffee chain is Dark Coffee Roaster. Don’t forget to try this coffee chain!

  1. Coffee Beanery


On number 8th, we want to mention Coffee beanery as a largest coffee chain in the whole world. This is just another coffee chain in the US which is also based in the Flushing Michigan.  It is to be mentioned that the company has centers in the US, the US territories, the Europe and also the Asia. It was set up in the year 1976 that is all involved in selling the franchise of the coffee shops. They earn the net worth more from the equipment and the product sell at franchisees. It has more than around 130 coffee houses in the US and over around 25 centers located in the various countries.

7.Tim Hortons:


On the seventh spot we have the name of Tim Hortons! Tim Hortons is known as a company based in the Canada. This company has been famously known all over the world for the selling of their coffee. In addition special doughnuts are even made in this company. There is very simple menu offering only the doughnuts and also the coffee to customers.

6.Caribou Coffee:


Caribou cofee is known as the retailer in the coffee and also the espresso. Besides serving as the coffee shop it is even involved in catering with the service of being the restaurant. It provides tea and also some other bakery goods. There are just over around 415 coffee houses owned by company in the 40 states of the Columbia. We can call it as the international coffee chain that has around 126 franchise centers all over this world. You will going to love their coffee.

5.Gloria Jean’s Coffees:


This Company has huge history traced back in the USA. It was established in the year 1979 by the Ed& Gloria Jean Kvetko. It is an international company and is just involved in presenting the best coffee with somewhat more than thousand stores all over this world.

4.The Coffee Bean:


The actual name of this coffee chain is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but is also popular as just the Coffee Bean or even The Coffee Bean. This is American Coffee chain but it has spread its chain in almost all the major parts of the world. If you are living in UK then don’t miss even single second to visit this coffee chain?

3.Costa Coffee:


Costa Coffee company was set up for the first time in Londonby two Italian brothers who were named Sergio and the Bruno Costa and it has become multinational coffee chain. It is to be mentioned for the readers that after the Starbucks coffee and also the Dunkin’ Donuts Costa coffee is world’s largest coffee house chain in the company of over around 1700 stores.

2.Dunkin’ Donuts:


Dunkin Donuts is not just the coffee chain of the Massachusetts is not just coffee house chain but also doughnut company. The coffee chain was set up back in the year 1950 in the Quincy Massachusetts. The Starbucks is prime competitor in support of sales of the coffee whereas for the doughnuts. Krispy Kreme is known as the prime competitor.

1.Starbucks Coffee:


On the last but on the top we have Starbucks Coffee! There are more than around 13,200 centers of the coffee chain in country. It was just originated from the place of US. Starbucks Corporation is just originally American coffee company that is known as best as being the global coffee house chain in whole world. This coffee chain has around 20,891 stores spread over in the 62 countries.

So here we have all ended up with the list of the top ten largest coffee chains in 2014! There would be no single person on this planet who would not love to drink coffee in winter season and cold coffee in summer season. Now stop thinking and don’t forget to visit any one of these coffee chains and we are sure that you will going to fall in love with their coffee making! Rush now!